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Building Trailers According to Your Needs

Reid Lowe owns Lowe's Welding LLC in Graham, North Carolina, and builds custom trailers from the ground up. He also offers trailer repair and upgrade services to keep units in top condition. With more than 20 years of professional welding experience, Reid knows how to handle all types of welding jobs and repairs everything from small utility trailers to large trailers. You can go to his shop or set up an appointment in your location for a quote. He offers quotes to clients over the phone, though he makes more accurate estimates after he personally inspects the trailer.

Custom-Built Trailers

Having your trailer custom-built from the ground up allows you to modify it according to your preferences. You can have a trailer constructed with your choice of wood or steel floors. Reid builds precisely what you need and installs a variety of other custom features for your unit. With his help, you'll have a well-manufactured trailer that's made to last.

Upgrading Your Unit

You can ask Reid to modify your unit while he's making repairs. He can install features like additional lifts at the back of your trailer, new wiring, lights, and many more. All types of metal frame and heavy duty trailers can also be repaired.