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Quality Welding by an Experienced Professional

Reid Lowe owns and operates Lowe's Welding LLC based in Graham, North Carolina. Specializing in custom welding work, he builds custom truck hitches as well as wrought iron railings for individuals and businesses. Reid also does repairs for heavy duty equipment like log trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks, and backhoes. He repairs and replaces damaged truck beds, installs fifth wheel plates, and fixes other broken parts. For projects that require steel and metal work, rely on Reid to deliver the best welding job.

Custom-Built Truck Hitches

If you have trucks with hitches that are no longer being manufactured, Reid can make custom hitches just for you. Simply talk to him about the type of hitch you need. He replaces hitches for all kinds of equipment, from pickup trucks to dump trucks. You can be sure he'll install a heavy duty hitch that can handle all your towing needs.

Professionally Crafted Railings

Aside from truck hitches, Reid also builds custom steel and wrought iron railings. He crafts pipe rails on-site, which can then be painted by the client right after installation. For wrought iron railings, he first measures the area and proceeds to build the railings at his shop. You can choose from simple wrought iron railing to more elaborate and decorative railing designs.